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Sell Your House for Cash

We do not assign contracts

Some competitors contractually trick you into thinking they are purchasing your home but really they are just trying to legally get your home under contract to sell their position in the contract for a profit. Worst case scenario is that they can't find an entity or person to assign their position too. Depending on the language in the contract they can walk away from the deal after having your house wrapped up the agreed length of time with no recourse for the homeowner. 

Benefits to Selling to an Investor:

Cash offer
Bring no money to closing
House doesn't have to meet lending requirements 
Guaranteed closing 
Work with professionals who find the best solution that benefit all parties involved
Every house has value to us
Q: Why would a home owner choose this option?

A: Houses cost money to own,

and selling quick can be a benefit:

  • Can't make a payment

    • A quick closing can prevent negative effects on credit due to delinquent payments that can add fees, penalties, and interest.

    • Delinquent bills can result in Liens that can prevent the sale of a house

    • Once under contract we can work out a solution to have payments paid on time before closings

  • If you need cash for anther purchase or bills

    • Unexpected things come up where you might need to rent for a lower monthly payment than a current mortgage to save money and pay off bills​ or purchase required items.

  • Unwanted Costly Repairs

    • A roof leak can cause 10x damage that will rapidly depreciate the value of your home if not fixed in a timely manner 

  • If you can't afford repairs to meet requirements for lenders or buyers after inspection.

    • Very rarely does a buyer not request compensation or repairs to be corrected on seller's behalf during the settlement period (post inspection). 

  • Tenant Issues​​

    • Loss of income (not paying rent), damaged real estate (beyond security deposit) , high utility bills ​(If utilities are in homeowner's name) 

    • Investors have experience with knowledge on tenant/homeowner rights and the court system

  • Inherited an unwanted home ​

    • Can create a strain ​on finances and personal relationships until fixed up or sold on the market; your time could be more beneficial to you working in your area of expertise 

  • Cash closings can be done within 10-20 days depending on liens and other obstacles ​​

    • Traditional retail open market closings with traditional loans can take between ​35-55 days 

Selling your house for cash sounding like the right option for you?


1) Speak with an expert 

2) We will visit your home

3) We'll review numbers together and supply you with an offer


  • You pick the closing and move out date

  • We pay all closing costs, commissions, and fees.  You bring $0 to the table.

  • No inspections

  • The amount of our offer will not change once under contract

  • We walk you through the entire process to the closing table

  • We will be the purchaser so you know if you choose us. You will receive your payment. 

How we estimate our cash offer:

  • Create a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) use 3 comparative houses to calculate “After Renovation Value” (ARV)

  • Evaluate the current condition of your house.

  • Calculate the cost:

    • Cost of repairs, renovations and profit

    • Cost of maintaining the house until it’s ready to sell (holding cost), including insurance, utilities, and taxes

    • Cost of fees associated with selling a house (closing cost, commissions, home warranty's, title insurance, and marketing)

  • The estimated future “ARV” value of your house - (Holding cost, repairs, closing cost, profits, and all other fees) = Offer

    • All explained in detail when we sit down with you

    • Yes, all businesses need profit to operate and employees to be compensated for their time. The key is running a business efficiently and thinking long-term to be able to run on lower profit margin to give you the best offer possible. 

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