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List Your House

Why is listing on the MLS most common?

Listing your house on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the most common way a property is sold today because it is the best way to receive a sale price that is equal to or above market value while being represented by a professional to guide and protect you through the process. A move can be a stressful event, even when planned. Knowing you have a professional that has your best interest in mind and is obligated to honor their fiduciary duties (Accounting, Care, Confidentiality, Disclosure, Loyalty, and Obedience) with their clients gives you time to focus on the important and complex pieces of a move. 

Benefits of listing your home on the MLS with a licensed real estate agent:

  • Working with a experienced professional licensed realtor 
    • For a house to be listed on the MLS, it has to be under a listing contract ​with a licensed broker

    • Having the right paperwork, language to protect yourself, and understanding terms and processes is essential 

      • Lead base paint disclosure ​

      • Property Disclosure 

        • Latent vs. patent defect​

      • Contingent offer

      • Home warranty

      • Title insurance

      • Seller paid concessions

      • Escalation clause

      • FHA and Conventional loans

      • HOA fees and paperwork 

      • Etc. 

  • Maximum exposure 
    • The MLS information gets distributed to website/apps like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, ​Redfin, etc.

    • Email list 

    • Private Facebook groups

  • Contacts and connections
    • A realtor can recommend ​multiple referrals for each field that can be involved in a real estate transaction such as inspectors, contractors, painters, foundation specialists, engineers, attorneys, title companies, lenders, moving companies, professional photography, home stagers, etc.

  • Access to the MLS and specialty apps to run a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to best determine a price for the sale of the house
    • Obtaining a price that brings the best value to your home while selling in a timely fashion per needs of homeowner. 
  • Asks the right questions to determine how to best handle the transaction per your needs specifically
  • Help with determining what needs to be done to sell your house​
    • Insight ​​on common problems with an inspection report

    • Is it worth painting a more neutral color?​

  • Insight into current market trends
    • When is the best time to sell?

    • What day is the best day to list?

    • What is the best process to get the most potential buyers through your house?

  • Appeal an appraisal 
  • Experience with handling multiple offers and negotiating effectively 

Process: (Traditionally 30-50 days once under contract)

  1. Sit down with an expert to explore options (Repairs, preparing your house, right timing, review comparative homes, determine sale price) 

  2. Sign Listing agreement and accompanying paperwork

  3. Input on the MLS and market through various social media platforms/email list 

  4. Evaluate the best offer/negotiate 

  5. Accept an offer 

  6. Confirm Earnest Money Deposit 

  7. Confirm Intent to Proceed 

  8. Inspection Period

  9. Settlement Period

    • Review inspection report, negotiate coming to terms where both parties are still willing to proceed with the transaction.

  10. Appraisal 

  11. Having the Buyer pass their final financial check

  12. Schedule closing (Change utilities) 

  13. Final walkthrough 

  14. Review closing docs 

  15. Closing Table and receive payment 

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“I could not have found a better realtor than Dan Murray! He was informative, honest and very helpful from day one up until closing. Dan was easily accessible throughout the process and always had time for us. We had a very successful sale... received a better sale price than what we anticipated.

—  Ellen Langford

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