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About Us

Our Mission: Provide property owners with the

information and resources

to make educated decisions in real estate

that result in the best case for them.

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Dan Murray

BC Realty

Founder of Best Case Property Group

Seller's Agent Specialist

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Dan has experience in both the residential and commercial real estate industries. Through the process of finding his own potential home and working with investors, the realization of how many homes are in pre-foreclosure was unsettling. Every homeowner is in a different circumstance and has a different best case, but sometimes, they get pushed by investors into unfavorable circumstances. 

Understanding your options can be a daunting experience, but Dan believes that with the right information and resources, homeowners can make educated decisions, which could result in them keeping their homes, reducing possible negative long-term financial impact, or receiving adequate compensation for the sale of their home. 


Randy Dargan

Red 1 Realty

Buyer's Agent Specialist

Currently living on the west side of Cincinnati, Randy has been involved in real estate since 2013. From construction to flipping houses to investing in single-family and multi-family homes, commercial real estate, as well as representing buyers and sellers. Randy moved to Cincinnati from Philadelphia in 2017. He is passionate about helping his clients find their next home whether it is their first owner occupied purchase or next investment.  

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“I could not have found a better realtor than Dan Murray! He was informative, honest and very helpful from day one up until closing. Dan was easily accessible throughout the process and always had time for us. We had a very successful sale... received a better sale price than what we anticipated.

—  Ellen Langford

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